Jeffrey Lieberman M.D

Psychiatric Times | A Different March Madness: College Mental Health

(A. Solano/AdobeStock/for Psychiatric Times)
Psychiatric Times • April 17 2023 
By Jeffrey A. Lieberman, M.D.

As the NCAA “March Madness” basketball tournament reached its emotional peak, thousands of high school students and parents experienced a March madness of their own as they awaited college acceptance decisions—and ultimately decided upon a school. This is a process that is by turns demanding and emotional, exhilarating and frightening, affirming and deflating.

What college a student ultimately attends will indelibly influence their future, personally and professionally—so as University Admissions Officers pore over reams of applications, student applicants and their parents engage in a vetting process of their own. They will carefully research and weigh several factors in their decision: the university’s reputation, tuition cost, curriculum quality, campus environment, social life—even the caliber of the sports teams.