Jeffrey Lieberman M.D

New York Daily News | Stem the Student Mental Health Crisis

College aged youth are among the most vulnerable to the onset of many mental disorders — including anxiety, mood, eating, psychotic and substance-use disorders. (Getty Images)
New York Daily News •  June 19, 2019

By Carl J. McCall, Jeffrey A. Lieberman , Randy P. Auerbach

As the spring semester comes to a close on college campuses and students depart for internships and jobs, and otherwise while away the summer, a cloud will hover over colleges and universities across the country. For many administrators and those who live and work with this young adult population, this is not an idle time; it is time spent assessing how best to develop and serve our students as we plan for the year ahead. Consequently, it is time to consider whether we have met the mental health needs of our communities and, before classes resume in September, determine what more needs to be done.